Jeanette Ellison

Jeanette-EllisonJeanette is a licensed nurse with 15 years of senior care experience. Her passion for providing the highest levels of care for seniors is contagious to all those around her.

Jeanette’s nursing expertise includes hospital work, wound care, skilled nursing, home health, and assisted living. Her experience in these areas has allowed her to see firsthand the break downs in senior care options and has put her on a mission to contribute to better healthcare options for the elderly and others in need.

“Serving and caring for others is more than what I do, it’s who I am.”

Have a question about senior care? Just give Jeanette a call on our main office line or email her. She’s always happy to answer questions or provide guidance to those who may be new to understanding senior care options.

Claudia Pena

Claudia-PenaClaudia Pena brings over 12 years of nursing experience to the Aventa team. Claudia's passion for seniors and ensuring they receive the best possible care is evident in her daily approach toward serving our clients.

As Claudia states "I love what I do. I couldn't imaging doing anything else!" We are fortunate to have Claudia as part of the Aventa family.

Judi Knudsen

Judi-KnudsenJudi Knudsen brings over 25 years of nursing experience to Aventa Senior Care. In addition to her vast experience as a senior care nurse, Judi is known for her warm personality and her caring approach with Aventa's clients.

When asked what drivers her, Judi quickly responds that she loves what she does and cares deeply about her clients and the care that Aventa provides for them.

Have a question for Judi? She'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the care needs for you or a loved one. Contact her through email or our office at (760) 292-2900.

Kearstin Nuckols

Kearstin-NuckolsKearstin Nuckols has been with Aventa Senior Care from the start. With over 7 years of experience as a Social Worker (MSW), her knowledge and experience has greatly enhanced the Aventa Senior Care management team.

As one of Aventa's founders, Kearstin is committed to the well being of Aventa's clients and ensuring the best possible care is provided by our talented caregiving staff.

"We're very proud of the committed team of nurses and caregivers we have at Aventa. Their commitment to our clients and their care is simply amazing."

Todd Nuckols

Todd-NuckolsTodd Nuckols brings a wealth of experience to the Aventa Senior Care team. Todd has over 17 years experience as a Firefighter and EMT in the Greater Phoenix Area.

As one of the Aventa Founders, Todd’s vision for the organization has set the tone for the compassionate and customized care we strive to provide for each client.

Several years ago, Todd saw first hand the lack of good senior care options for his own family member. From that point, his desire to make a positive difference in the senior care industry became a driving factor. “We realized there was a great need for caregiving agencies that pursue quality senior care for the right reasons.”

Todd has a true passion for helping others and enjoys serving Aventa's clients and dedicated staff along with Kearstin, as a husband and wife team.

Julie Ann Giedt

Julie-Ann-GeidtJulie Ann brings a fresh perspective to Aventa Senior Care. With a strong background in adult education and customer service, serving others is one of her top priorities.

As one of the founders of Aventa Senior Care, Julie Ann is committed to maintaining a hands on approach with both our clients and professional caregiving team. As a result, Julie Ann plays a variety of roles within our agency. She thrives on the diverse workload in an environment where she can have such a positive influence on our ability to care for Aventa clients.

“The caregiving environment is extremely rewarding. I feel blessed that we have a company that cares so deeply about its clients and their well being”.

Jeff Giedt

Jeff-GiedtAs one of the founders of Aventa Senior Care, Jeff is committed to ensuring we pursue the highest standards of care for each of our clients. Jeff's experience includes over 15 years of management responsibilities where he developed a love for helping those around him achieve success with their personal and professional goals.

"We are truly blessed to have an environment at Aventa where we can focus on caring for our clients as if they're family, and at the same time strive to create rewarding careers for all of our caring employees."