Medicare Appeals: How Older Adults Can Succeed in Getting the Coverage They’re Entitled to

On average, seniors are each taking 15 – 18 different prescribed medications, so Medicare coverage of these medicines is often extremely important. And with a typical price tag of greater than $11,000 annually for the most typical medicines prescribed for the elderly, it could be debilitating when Medicare suddenly denies coverage. Nevertheless, that’s taking […]

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Aventa Senior Care’s Top Elderly Travel Tips

Summer vacations are something everyone looks forward to! Exploring new destinations, leaving the worries of our everyday world behind, checking items off our bucket lists. And helping a senior loved one enjoy such a thrill makes it all the better. You will find, however, certain factors to keep in mind that can help pave […]

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How to Cope with Alzheimer’s Memory Loss and a Desire to “Go Home”

“Home sweet home,” the saying goes; but if you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s who is experiencing memory loss and insists home is somewhere other than where he or she is currently living, what do you do? When you are providing care for a loved one with dementia, unfortunately this discussion […]

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Something New for the Sandwich Generation: The Boomerangs

Humans are now living longer than ever because of the progress of science and medicine, resulting in the “sandwich generation” (those caring for both children and aging parents) taking on a new role, that of the boomerang generation.

“Aging together” is the label for seniors whose mom and dad are still living and requiring good […]

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Arthritis Pain Making It Hard to Exercise? We Have a Solution!

Older adults are no exception to the rule that we should exercise and stay active to maintain health. But if you are battling arthritis, it can be difficult to maintain a good amount of exercise because of pain.

Fortunately, the latest recommendations ease back on the intensity of activity for seniors with arthritis, specifying that […]

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